Local ghosts tallied

by Nikita Weymann on November 26th, 2014

haunted-cert1For three weeks in November, parapsychologists, spiritualists, and amateur ghost hunters descended upon New Toulouse in search of ghosts for the Beacon Spiritualist Institute’s registry of Louisiana hauntings. With 2,720 ghosts reported, New Toulouse is the most haunted place in Louisiana by a considerable margin.

Liza Veliz runs a cafe across the street from the project’s headquarters. Asked if she met many out-of-town ghost hunters, she said, “So many, it was unbelievable—a real little invasion.”

Being a ghost herself, Miss Liza acted as the local “spectral liaison” for the project. Did any of the hunters try to hunt her? “Yes, several! They just hugged me and said, ‘I found a ghost!’”

Travelers from as far away as the Wastelands came looking for specters, and local business and community leaders offered rewards.

The Still House saloon saw lots of visitors as well. The tavern’s owner, Blake Palmer, says some of them ceased hunting there and commenced drinking instead. And a few decided to stay in town. “Ms. Fern Barker,” said Palmer, “came here for the ghost hunt, and now she owns the land beside my saloon.”

Gigi Lapin lives on the bayou with her pet crawfish, Jimbo.

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