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Paying the piper on Ash Wednesday

by on Friday, February 12th, 2016

With bleary eyes and wobbling gaits, hungover residents of New Toulouse filed into Our Lady of Bourbon Street to celebrate Ash Wednesday.

A Mr. Charles Trudeau, last seen cheering and hanging off the back of a boat in the Krewe du Canard parade with a bottle of bourbon in each hand and someone else’s longjohns tied around his neck like an ascot, stumbled into the historic church wearing clothes that were rather rumpled but at least right-side out and on the correct parts of his body. “I’m giving up alcohol for Lent,” he insisted before taking his place in the pew next to his neighbors.
“The way we do Mardi Gras around here, I’m always relieved when it’s time for fasting and abstinence,” another local chimed in, asking not to be quoted by name as she shielded her bloodshot eyes from the light streaming in through the beautiful stained-glass windows.

The traditional service included the distribution of ashes and the solemn reminder, “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Jane Moreaux keeps all four eyes on New Toulouse.


by on Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The Krewe Bayou rooftop ball, Gloryville, this past Sunday

NW: Well, there may or may not be actual kraken in the gumbo.
HG: And then there’s always the question, after you’ve fed five hundred people, what do you do with the rest of the kraken?
ZZ: Open a restaurant chain selling kraken-based products?

(Baby kraken friends are distributed.)
SH: Ooo. Octopus child. This is going to be hard to explain away.
KK: Thanks for taking them off my hands! They have been keeping me up all night!


NW: 39-inch-tall Charles Sherwood was better known by what name?
FA: Lofty.

AT: Can’t believe how strong these buildings are, strong enough for twenty dancing people.
NW: Hey, this building has been through hurricanes, and the Fat Tony incident.
LV: Fat Tony?
AT: Oh, please tell.
NW: We must get on with the trivia, she said, covering for the fact that she just now made up Fat Tony.


NW: What is a baby oyster called?
LV: Glen.

NW: What does a grabatologist collect?
LV: Crabs?
IT: Derrieres?
TF: Garbage.
SH: Perverts?
HP: Grabby hands!
FA: Tape recordings.
NW: All good answers, all completely wrong!
SH: Which one was less wrong?