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Speedway race to be hardest in history

by on Sunday, May 24th, 2015


The Curious Ghost

by on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014


When I finally got out of bed this evening and took a stroll in the city, I found Miss Nikita at the land office staring at all the unopened mail. She slipped me the following comment with a scowl on her face: “I’m not opening all this mail! And Yvonne is on vacation too. Hey look, this envelope is stamped OPEN IMMEDIATELY, CONTAINS BRIBE.”
Not only will the mayor have lots of work on his hands when he returns from lazy time, but he might also get a little shock. Jimmeh closed his cinema and went traveling, and instead we have got a lovely psychic cafe and curiosity shop in that spot, run by the Whitefalcons. In fact, the whole block has changed.
If this arouses Mayor Godenot’s curiosity over what else is new in the city, he might also notice the Cuban lady ZunZun Clarity’s guest exhibition at Azucar Gallery.

When I met the artist, she told me that she mixes in her own art with well-known art from Cuba, but the audience has to guess which art is hers. I have no idea how long this exhibition is going on, so if the mayor does not see it while checking up on his city, he may miss it.
It must be fun and exhausting to be mayor in a city that changes a lot over just a few days, and also very exciting. I find it interesting, anyway. Every day here is like an adventure.

The Ghost of Liza Veliz fell in love with New Toulouse at first sight. She publishes books by various authors; find them at her reading cafe on Shotgun Row.

New pitcher for the Pelicans

by on Sunday, September 7th, 2014

Calling a hasty press conference on the Mama Cree, the mayor announced the newest acquisition for the New Toulouse Pelicans baseball team: Miss Colette Basile. His intention that she start as pitcher surprised everyone. 
Standing all of five feet tall, with flashing eyes and perfect skin, and attired in a pearl-colored evening gown, Miss Colette bore no resemblance to any baseball player anyone had ever seen. Mr. Godenot announced her statistics: “She has really big stats, like three thousand or ninety-nine or something like that. I forget, but they’re up there. She can bat left or right, and throws right. Not a real power hitter, but she can throw, and she can steal.”
Miss Basile permitted a few pictures, requesting that the eager photographers send her the nice ones for her baseball card. She flashed her winning smile and said, “You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball. And you gotta play it one day at a time. Except when it rains.”
The mayor and the ball player left the press conference together, holding hands.
The mayor has done some weird things before, but this time he has gone too far. Nobody trades for a pitcher in September. Especially when they don’t own a team, or a ballpark for them to play in.

Jack Mondieu is on the ball and off the wagon.

Local jockey makes New Tou proud

by on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014

New Toulouse jockey Cavalco drove to third place in the Awesome Breed Creations “Crown Cup” for sulkies on April 27. Cavalco drove the American Standardbred “Gallant Gray” for Little Ascot Stables but wore the colors of New Toulouse from the Old Spanish Stable, and his steed emerged from a chaotic field to place third, by one ten-thousandth of a second. The owners (breeder Nikita Pantland and trainer Zacklol) had retained Cavalco at the beginning of the racing season, and he was able to post two of the fastest times, which allowed Gallant Gray to be included in the final field.  He also qualified the Little Ascot horse Toulouse Rendezvous—named for our fair city—for the Crown Cup final.

Nikita Pantland (owner/breeder) and Zacklol  (owner/trainer) with jockey Cavalco. Note the distinctive fleur-de-lis of New Toulouse on Cavalco's silks.

Nikita Pantland (owner/breeder) and Zacklol 
(owner/trainer) with jockey Cavalco. Note the distinctive fleur-de-lis of New Toulouse on Cavalco’s silks.

Cavalco is an employee of the Old Spanish Stable, providing farrier services along with whatever stable owner Pazzo Pestana needs to keep his enterprise afloat.  Horses may be available for sale, depending on the market. Pestana and Cavalco are proud to carry the colors of New Toulouse onto whatever field of competition may present itself.
Cavalco, seated on the sulky pulled by Gallant  Gray, with Nikita Pantland and Zacklol.

Cavalco, seated on the sulky pulled by Gallant 
Gray, with Nikita Pantland and Zacklol.

Jack Mondieu, Ace Reporter, is a figment of your imagination.

Photos courtesy of Pazzo Pestana.