by Nikita Weymann on January 14th, 2013

Available Parcels

Please read our covenant before purchasing land in New Toulouse or New Toulouse Bayou.

To claim land rights, stand on the parcel and purchase it (“About Land” or “Parcel Details” in the World menu). Then pay the associated rent meter to begin your tenancy.

Besides these estate listings, some individuals may also be selling land. Check the most recent classified ads; also try viewing the inworld map with the Land Sale option checked.

City Land

St. Louis Cemetery plots
Rental rights: L$500 each (one-time fee)
Weekly rent: L$40 each
Size: 32m each
Prims: 28 each
Notes: These are cemetery plots, suitable for a tombs. Rent meters are located in the sexton’s cottage in the southeast corner of the cemetery. The following plots are available; click to teleport: #16

Bayou Land

New Toulouse Bayou #05 [teleport]
Rental rights: L$1024 (one-time fee)
Weekly rent: L$600
Size: 512m
Prims: 468
Notes: Water on two sides.

Available Rentals

The following may be rented without land purchase.

None available.

Last updated 16 October 2017