by Nikita Weymann on January 14th, 2013

Estate Owner and Mayor

Henri Godenot (henri.godenot)

Assistant to the Mayor

Yvonne Follet (yvonne.follet)

Estate Managers

Francesca Alva (francesca.alva)
Marie Beedit (rmarie.beedit)
Kristine Jinx-Kristan (kristine.kristan)
Pazzo Pestana (pazzo.pestana)
Miss Petunia (misspetunia)
Nikita Weymann (nikita.weymann)
Quiet Wonder (quiet.wonder)

Arts and Entertainment

All That Jazz

Ascension Cafe

The Banana Gallery

Bijou Impromptu

Bob’s Cafe du Jour

Cafe d’Eve

Cinema Mise-en-scene


La Fleur Rouge

Frankie’s Juke Joint

Galerie Iris

Galerie Wikifoo

The Ghost of Liza Veliz: Books and Poems

Gloryville Bookstore and Chill Out Space

The Green-Eyed Fairy

Kari’s Bar and Dance

Lafitte’s Old Primsmith Bar

The MariKesh Social Club

Miss Pie’s

Professor Inglewood’s Grand Observatorium

Tiny Social Aid and Pleasure Club

Weeds Vegetarian Public House


Hotel Conundrum

Red Drum Place

Spiegel Hall

Swamp Manor Inn


Alva Investigations

American Loan Office

Eve’s Couture Sur-Mesure

La Cloche du Chat

Fusilier Photography

Gumbo Society of New Toulouse

James Ads & Signs

Liza’s Gym

Lin Laundry

Louisiana Institute of Liberal and Technical Learning

Missedabracket Salvage

Perrineau & Co.

Whiterose Warehouse & Trading Co.


Chimeric Fashions

The Curious Seamstress

D. Pollard & Sons

The French Market

Grimalkin Workshop

Harm’s Way Roleplay Wear

La Maison Rouge de Cadeaux et de Spiritueux

Quelques Choses

Songbirds .:SHD:.

Public Areas and Sightseeing

Bayou Ferry Dock

Bayou Train Depot and Rental Office

Beacon Spiritualist Institute

Buford’s Bait Shop and Bayou Fishing Dock

Carousel Park

Chapel of Our Lady of Bourbon Street

City Hall

Consulate of Europa Wulfenbach

French Market

House of the Spirits

Kate Chopin Library

Laveau Square

The Mama Cree

New Toulouse Synagogue

The New Toulouse Tattler

No. 23 Firehouse

Old Spanish Stable

Spiegel Hall

The St. Louis Cemetery

West Bayou Dock (catch the intra-bayou ferry here)

Wikifoo Manor

Wikifoo Plaza

WIND radio tower