Why and Why Not

by Nikita Weymann on August 21st, 2017

Federal officials have broken up a plot of the I. W. W. at Detroit to tie up the Great Lakes commerce through strikes.

Under the prohibition law of West Virginia its inhabitants are restricted to the importation of one quart of liquor a month.

A bill to prohibit Sunday golfing in North Carolina failed to pass because some representatives insisted on exempting two popular hotel resorts.

While gangsters shoot each other upon the street and daylight robbers escape, the police of New York in one day arrested 400 persons for spitting in public.

The governor of Florida is a clergyman. He says he has been so busy since his election that he has not had time to “say my prayers at night or to read my Bible.”

Secretary of War Baker told the House Committee on Military Affairs that he broke many laws after Congress adjourned in order to speed up the manufacture of equipment for our new armies.

Heads of the labor unions have united in a huge protest to President Wilson against the adoption of national prohibition, assailing the Prohibitionists as “a fanatical and bigoted element of the population.”

Second-class mail, for transporting which some Congressmen propose to charge newspapers and other periodicals 4c a pound, is carries 438 miles by the Pennsylvania railroad every day for ¼c a pound.

Rear Admiral Chadwick says that foreign-born women in the United States have twice as many children as the native-born women and that women school teachers are causing young men to become effeminate.

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