Bits and Pieces

by Nikita Weymann on November 28th, 2014

We heartily endorse the “Wear a cotton frock” movement. It’s so monotonous to keep on paying bills for just silks, satins, and velvets.

In one way or another something desirable might be accomplished by imposing a war tax on the tango.

It is a good idea to give wedding presents. Then you will have an excuse to call on the couple and see if they have commenced quarreling yet.

Smokers will have a consolation if the war cuts off the supply of meerschaum pipes. The Missouri meerschaum, which is the best pipe in the world, so far as everything but looks is concerned, is made from a corn-cob, and it costs only a few cents.

The only time some people sympathize with the underdog is when it is their own pup that is getting licked.

A household hint says that books can be protected from mildew by sprinkling oil of lavender on the shelves. An easier way, though, would be to read ‘em occasionally.

They have found a lockjaw serum. How timely. Never was there a better time for locking up jaws.

After a man has read a page full of contradictory war news it’s a relief to turn to the sporting page. The “dope” there can be relied on.

A Paris dressmaker predicts that women of the future will wear clothes that are essentially mannish, but he is not predicting anything more than the women are predicting themselves.

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