by Nikita Weymann on July 24th, 2017


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Help keep our waterways clear and navigable! Join the water hyacinth abatement campaign. For more information, stop by the Bayou Safety Initiative office at #8 Rue Bayou, New Toulouse.


HORSE SALE—ABC “pets” with authentic breed characteristics (equine veterinarian verified). Equipment includes saddles (western, side, jockey) and bridles. 100L for most breeds, 500L for special breeds. Horses will be replaced as they sell. See them at the Old Spanish Stable, New Toulouse. Direct any questions to Pazzo Pestana, NT-531.

LAND FOR SALE. See our list of properties on page 7.


WHETHER YOU REQUIRE a storefront in the city or a place to dock in Bayou, you may find the ideal rental property by consulting our list on page 7. Should our vacancies fail to suit your requirements, kindly telephone Lazaire Bienvenu at NT-333.


COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS needed. Hard work, dangerous conditions, average pay, international travel. Must be able to Break, Rope, Ride, Pole Pirogue and Harpoon. Inquire at Perrineau’s, NT-462.


PROTECT OUR WETLANDS! The Bayou Safety Initiative of New Toulouse Parish provides the public with information on staying safe in the swamp and works to halt the spread of dangerous invasive species. Come by our office at #8 Rue Bayou, New Toulouse, and find out more.


OIL LAMPS and other lighting add more heat! Electric Light is Heat Proof. New Toulouse Railway & Lighting Co. Phone NT-790.

WARNING! The man or woman who fails or refuses to examine the prices on our stock of groceries willfully throws their money away. BAYOU GROCETERIA, 13 Bayou St.

EATING MEAT builds up your muscle, a juicy steak will make you hustle. With muscle and hustle, THE WORLD IS YOURS. Try Perrineau’s lake cow steak tonight.

PEOPLE ARE NOT mind readers. Place an ad in the Tattler.

YOU WEREN’T INSURED? Well you should have been, but we can still work with you, on a percentage basis. Call Nocturnal Aviation, while you can still find us. Nocturnal Aviation, dba Banana Importers, NT-102.

YOUR NEIGHBOR HAS BOUGHT United States Liberty Bonds. Have you?

Classified ads are posted every Monday and are L$1 per word; fee waived for sufficiently amusing advertisements. Contact NT-668 to place an ad.

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