by Nikita Weymann on June 12th, 2017


BUILDING LOT in entertainment district, corner Lion Court & Pontalba, L$1,024 initial outlay for 468 LI at L$600 per week. Lazaire Bienvenu, Agent, NT-333.


RED DRUM PLACE No. 3, modern electrified rooms with balcony overlooking street. Entrance via courtyard. Suitable for office, studio, or living space. Contact Lazaire Bienvenu, Agent, NT-333.

STOREFRONT FOR RENT—#5 Pirate Alley. Contact Lazaire Bienvenu, Agent, NT-333.


WANTED—MALE ATTENDANTS at the Louisiana Hospital for Insane, Pineville, La. For application blank, address Dr. John N. Thomas, Superintendent, Pineville, La.

COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS needed. Hard work, dangerous conditions, average pay, international travel. Must be able to Break, Rope, Ride, Pole Pirogue and Harpoon. Inquire at Perrineau’s, NT-462.

FOR EVERY L$100 a German earns, an American earns L$250. Put some of that L$250 in Kaiser-stopping United States Liberty bonds.

THE NEW TOULOUSE TATTLER seeks talented reporters, photographers, and columnists. Phone Nikita Weymann, NT-668.


UNCLAIMED LETTERS remaining at Station A, New Toulouse, La., P. O., Thursday, June 8: MEN—John Amann, N. Bestow, Sidney Carr, John Henry (3), Prof. W. M. Ivory, Archie Johns, Adam M. Landry, Steavy Plash, Eddie Vincent. WOMEN—Sister Baker, Daisy Claus, Mrs. C. S. Royton, Nolia Williams. CHARLES JANVIER, P. M. JOS. W. DANIELS, Supt. Sta. A.

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER floats more proudly over every home that buys a United States Liberty bond.


RED CROSS BALL BLUE insures snowy white beautiful clothes on washday. Buy Red Cross Blue, not just cheap liquid blue which makes your clothes greenish yellow. Red Cross Ball Blue large packages cost only 5 cents. All good grocers sell it.

WHAT WOULD GEORGE WASHINGTON or Abraham Lincoln think of the American who failed to buy United States Liberty bonds?

IT IS OFT TIMES the unexpected that happens! When unprepared the emergency frequently materializes! We are not Alarmists, only Speakers of the Truth! Do not let the fire alarm sound without a fire insurance in your hands! Mutual Independent Insurance Company, Agricola Fusilier, agt., New Toulouse, La.


NEW TOULOUSE STREET RAILWAY COMPANY. Persons having lost some article would do well to call up the office of the New Toulouse Street Railway Company to ascertain whether they left it in the streetcars. Many articles each day are turned in and the company is anxious to restore them to the rightful owner. Call NT-795.

Classified ads are posted every Monday and are L$1 per word; fee waived for sufficiently amusing advertisements. Contact NT-668 to place an ad.

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