by Nikita Weymann on June 5th, 2017


BUILDING LOT in entertainment district, corner Lion Court & Pontalba, L$1,024 initial outlay for 468 LI at L$600 per week. Lazaire Bienvenu, Agent, NT-333.

UNITED STATES LIBERTY BONDS pay 3½ per cent interest in money and a million per cent interest in peace of mind and patriotism.


WHETHER YOU REQUIRE a modern city apartment or a dockside shack in Bayou, you may find the ideal rental property in our list on page 7.

STOREFRONT FOR RENT—#5 Pirate Alley. Contact Lazaire Bienvenu, Agent, NT-333.


WANTED—LADIES OR MEN with rigs or automobiles to represent a Southern company. Those with selling experience preferred though not necessary. Fast selling proposition. Brand new article. Excellent pay for hustlers. Address Mr. Gregory, 160 4th Ave. N., Nashville, Tenn.

YOUR NEIGHBOR HAS BOUGHT United States Liberty Bonds. Have you?

COWBOYS AND COWGIRLS needed. Hard work, dangerous conditions, average pay, international travel. Must be able to Break, Rope, Ride, Pole Pirogue and Harpoon. Inquire at Perrineau’s, NT-462.

THE NEW TOULOUSE TATTLER seeks talented reporters, photographers, and columnists. Phone Nikita Weymann, NT-668.


WHEN DEMOCRACY GOES TO WAR democracy fights that war and pays for it. That’s what the Liberty bonds are for. Will you buy your bond today?

ALL PERSONS having bills against the parish are hereby respectfully requested to present same to the Police Jury on Wednesday preceding the regular monthly meeting, otherwise these bills will not be paid until the following meeting of the Police Jury. H. Bodin, Secretary.


THE KAISER IS WAITING to hear from the sale of United States Liberty Bonds. Make your share of that loud noise. Buy today.

CLIPPING SEASON is now opened. Do you wish to have your horses & mules clipped? I will travel all over New Toulouse Parish to do Clipping at a cheap rate. William L. Clement, New Toulouse Bayou, La.

MAKE YOUR SWEETHEART a present that means profit and patriotism. Buy her a United States Liberty Bond.

“WHAT A COMFORT!” An Electric Iron saves so much discomfort these hot days. New Toulouse Railway & Lighting Co., phone NT-790.

HOW ABOUT MOTHER? Wouldn’t she be proud if you were to bring home a United States Liberty Bond in her name?

WE CAN MOVE ANYTHING, anywhere. Land, Sea, or Air, Nocturnal Aviation goes everywhere. NT-102.

MAKE GOOD for the baby’s sake. Buy a United States Liberty Bond for the littlest one, God bless him—or her.


I AM A VEGETARIAN, thirty years of age, tall and good-looking, with cultivated and refined tastes, correct habits in every respect, and good family connections. I reside in one of the most pleasant cities in the South, and have been successful in business. I wish a Vegetarian wife, one with dark eyes and hair, with a love of the beautiful, of music, poetry, painting, and the fine arts; and above all, a love of home, and its duties and pleasures. “CHARLES,” care Tattler.

MONEY MAKES the war go. Have you bought your bond?


LOST—ON SUNDAY, MAY 28, in Mise-en-scene or Dante’s theatres, New Toulouse, ladies’ black leather handbag, containing small sum of money, three sets of prayer beads, and other articles. Finder is requested to return to D. D. BIENVENU, New Toulouse Bayou, La.

Classified ads are posted every Monday and are L$1 per word; fee waived for sufficiently amusing advertisements. Contact NT-668 to place an ad.

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