Bits and Pieces

by Nikita Weymann on January 15th, 2015

The war correspondents devote much space to reports concerning the wings of the armies and have nothing to say about the drumsticks.

They have found the mosquito responsible for malaria in Manila. It is to be hoped that they will keep their discovery at home. Nobody else covets the glory of it.

In spite of the fact that Paris is not just now able to set the styles, the man in the street can detect no shortage of weird designs.

So far as history speaks Adam never offended Eve by staying out late at night attending lodges and banquets.

This season’s new dance is said to be of Chinese origin. Poor old China has to stand for nearly everything!

The way to abolish war is to abolish it. But how?

Harvard football players are provided with individual paper drinking cups for use on the field. The fact that these brawny young men are thus protected should be a lesson to a lot of less rugged people who are not afraid of disease germs because they never saw one.

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